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  • Name: XKJ560×1530 Refining Machine
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  • Added time: 2018-06-19
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Technical advantage

1.  The roll produced by centrifugal compound casting technology, good wear resistance, high intensity, long service life, it’s better than traditional static casting roller,and working longevity more than three times. The invention patent number: 200920010357.2

2.  Advanced surrounding borehole and water circulation cooling can reduce the heat of the surface of the roll which produced during the process of rubber mixing. The invention patent number: 200910010216.0

3.  Linear velocity can reach 75m/min, hourly output is about 11 tons. It is less energy consumption, high efficiency.

4.  The equipment of the base and frame adopts integral casting,high strength, good shock absorption.

5.  The product was rated as brand-name products in dalian in 2011, and passed the China federation of logistics and purchasing organization of scientific and technological achievements appraisal, expert opinion to the international advanced level, the product in 2012 also won the China federation of logistics and purchasing won third prize of scientific and technological progress.

Technical data


Centrifugal composite casting

The material of roll surface layer

High nickel chrome molybdenum alloy

Cooling way

Surrounding hole water circulation cooling

Working Diameter of Front Roll(mm)


Working Diameter of Back Roll(mm)


Roll Working Length(mm)


Linear speed of back Roll(m/min)


Linear Speed Ratio of Front & Back Rolls


HID adjustment range


Main motor Power(Kw)


Main Motor Rotation Speed


Speed Reducer

Hard facing gear reducer M700-25

Bearing(duplex structure)

Spherical Roller Bearings

Working current(A)