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  • Name: XKP560× 800 Crusher
  • Number: 25
  • Added time: 2011-01-17
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Use of XKP560 * 800 gel breaker (Parallel bearing):
Mainly used for the crushing of rubber material.
Brief description of the structure of XKP560 * 800 gel breaker (Parallel bearing):
This machine is mainly composed of the machine body, the drive part, the safety device, the roller temperature control device, the lubrication system and the accident stop device and so on.
Before and after the roller as the main working part of the machine, through the motor, speed reducer drive, in a certain ratio, the opposite rotation of work.
The working surface of roller is made of chilled cast iron, hard, wear-resistant, long service life, the roller ends supported by sliding bearings, the oil lubrication. The distance between the two rollers can be arbitrarily regulated within the specified range, the machine installation safety device, overload work when the safety chip broken, in order to protect the main parts and components are not damaged due to overload. When the machine is in trouble, pull the pull rod of the accident stop device, and the machine can stop running quickly. In the part of working with both ends of the glue roller. The part of a cooling device, used to adjust the surface temperature of roller.
Main technical specifications:
Part of the work roller diameter
Front roller: 560mm
Rear roller: 510mm
The length of the roller part: 800mm
Speed roller
Front roller: 30.21m/min
Rear roller: 39.33m/min
Roller speed ratio: 1:1.3
Roller pitch range: 0.5-15mm
Main motor
Power: 90Kw
Speed: 990r/min
Safety chip damage pressure: 1100 + 30KN
One time adding glue quantity: 2000kg/h
Exterior dimension
Long X wide X high: 4570X2282X1400
Weight: 14 t