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The centrifugal composite casting technique

1.      The solidifying is under the action of the centrifugal force so it has the high density ,white iron uniform layer and there is not any defect of gas holesand explosion or residue.

2.      The centrifugal casting roller can be inlaid with a sleeveIt can reduce the consumpsion of raw materil and the weight of the roller.

3.      It is very convenient to drill hole due to the uniform white casting layer.

4.      The working surface hardness  can be produced according to the demand of the user,up to HS76±2°,in general .it has high antiwear property,good inner ductility and steady quality.

5.      The working layer of the roller are uniform and there is a small hardness variation(bellow HS5°).The quality steability of the roller is assured.

6.      Long working life(more 3-5 times working life than the vertical static casting rollers)

7.      The various scale rollers can be produced according to demand of the users.The maximum diameter 1000mm × length 6000mm

Technical data

Alloy layer


Nickel alloy


Surface sterngth


Compressive strength


Yield strength




Modulus of elasticity